72nd Antitrust Law Spring Meeting, American Bar Association


Cornerstone Research staff and experts will moderate and present on panels at this three-day conference.

The annual ABA Antitrust Spring Meeting is the largest gathering of competition, consumer protection, and data privacy professionals globally, attended by lawyers, academics, economists, enforcement officials, journalists, and students.

We are proud to participate in this important event, providing analysis and insight on key topics and connecting with leading practitioners and experts in the field.

Do Non-Competes Cause More Harm Than Good?

Gabriela Antonie of Cornerstone Research will moderate a panel of lawyers and a government official to  discuss the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC’s) proposed ban on noncompete clauses, its workforce impact, and legal ramifications.

  • 10 April, 9:00–10:15 am ET
The Price Is Right (Or Is It?)

Ceren Canal Aruoba of Cornerstone Research will moderate a panel of finance experts to examine how U.S. and international laws, enforcement trends, and economic methods address pricing and disclosure practices, including “junk fees,” automatic renewals and negative option plans, and dark patterns.

  • 10 April, 9:00–10:15 am ET
Fundamentals – Antitrust and IP

Kirti Gupta of Cornerstone Research will join legal practitioners and an economist to analyze factors at the intersection of intellectual property (IP) and antitrust, including tying, refusal to license, exclusive licensing, grantbacks, package licensing, field of use restrictions, and pharmaceutical issues such as reverse payments.

  • 10 April, 3:30–5:00 pm ET
Chair’s Showcase — Hope or Horror: The Big AI Debate

Professor Avi Goldfarb of the University of Toronto will speak on a panel focused on AI’s potential as a driver of innovation. Panelists will address the threats AI may pose to competition and consumer protection and how existing legal frameworks might be augmented for an algorithmic economy.

  • 11 April, 10:15 am–12:00 pm ET
Mock Trial

Together with a panel of attorneys and economists, Christopher Lau of Cornerstone Research will debate legal issues and economic factors at play in recent antitrust cases involving AI and algorithms.

  • 11 April, 1:30–5:00 pm ET

The conference is hosted by the Section of Antitrust Law of the American Bar Association. For more information, visit the event website.


  • Chicago

Gabriela Antonie

Senior Manager

  • Washington

Ceren Canal Aruoba


  • San Francisco

Kirti Gupta

Vice President and Chief Economist of Global Technology

Avi Goldfarb

Rotman Chair in Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare,
Professor of Marketing,
Rotman School of Management,
University of Toronto

  • San Francisco

Christopher V. Lau

Senior Economist