Antitrust West Coast 2024


Kirti Gupta will join the corporate counsel of Airbnb, Google, Intel, and Tricentis on a panel titled “AI & Antitrust.”

On day two of this two-day conference in San Francisco, Dr. Gupta will analyze global antitrust challenges with a focus on tech issues and regulatory requirements.

Key discussion topics and questions will include:

  • The Federal Trade Commission’s 6(b) antitrust inquiry into AI
  • Where is AI antitrust regulation heading? How can antitrust help inform AI regulation?
  • What antitrust concerns arise with algorithmic AI?
  • What role do in-house counsel play when firms build up their AI capabilities?

Cornerstone Research is a sponsor of this event, hosted by Informa Connect. For more information, visit the event website.


  • San Francisco

Kirti Gupta

Vice President and Chief Economist of Global Technology