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  • Labor, Discrimination, and Algorithmic Bias
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Lowballing Bids

Cornerstone Research was asked to analyze bids by a contractor to determine if they were too low to compensate the contractor’s employees as required under the California Labor Code.


Piece-Rate Versus Hourly Compensation

The plaintiffs alleged that the compensation structure was actually an hourly compensation structure and that the employer used the piece-rate structure to avoid paying overtime.


Department of Justice Litigation

Cornerstone Research worked with an executive compensation expert for the defendant in a matter brought by the DOJ against a company executive.


Age Discrimination

Cornerstone Research was retained by defense counsel to provide consulting services in a large multi-defendant age discrimination matter.


CEO Compensation

In a dispute over CEO compensation, Cornerstone Research worked with a labor economist to analyze whether a particular CEO of a privately held company was overcompensated.


Consulting and Noncompete Contract

Cornerstone Research worked with a finance professor to assess allegations associated with a consulting and noncompete contract granted to the CEO of a firm being acquired via a tender offer.


Gender Discrimination

Defense counsel for a large brokerage firm jointly retained Cornerstone Research and a number of testifying experts in a gender discrimination class action.


Independent Contractor Versus Employee

The plaintiffs brought a wage and hours class action case in which liability and damages turned on whether thousands of workers were classified as independent contractors or employees.


Owner Versus Employee

A large private partnership was alleged to have engaged in age discrimination by including in its partnership agreement a mandatory retirement age for partners.


Race and/or National Origin Discrimination

In a case involving claims of discrimination in pay and promotions on the basis of race and/or national origin, Cornerstone Research and a labor economist were retained by the defendant…


Turnaround Specialist Compensation

Bondholders of a bankrupt company retained Cornerstone Research in a case involving the compensation paid to a “turnaround” specialist who assumed the role of CEO at the company.


Union–Contractor Collusion and Monopolization Between Tech Firms

A labor union, and several contractors who use the union’s labor, were accused of conspiring to foreclose competition and monopolize particular job types in commercial projects in a large American…

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