Cornerstone Research Experts in Focus: Craig Malam


Experts in Focus is the firm’s video and podcast series in which we interview experts about their research on a variety of economic and finance topics. Craig Malam of Cornerstone Research speaks about his experience as an economist advising on merger reviews for both the agencies and merging parties.


Craig Malam, principal at Cornerstone Research, has more than a decade of experience consulting on high-profile antitrust and competition matters, with a focus on mergers, merger investigations, and related litigation. He has consulted to merging parties in investigations conducted by the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission, as well as pre-deal risk assessments on behalf of potential acquirers and targets.

In this video, Dr. Malam discusses:

  • How his previous experience laid the foundation for his current work, including an example from a recent matter
  • Insights gained from working on behalf of both the agencies and merging parties
  • How economists can help merging parties during the review process

The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of Cornerstone Research.


  • San Francisco

Craig Malam