Craig Malam



  • San Francisco


    • University of Queensland, Australia, Ph.D.
    • Toulouse School of Economics, M.Ec.
    • Australian National University, B.Ec. (Hons.)
    • Australian National University, B.A.

Craig Malam has more than a decade of experience consulting on high-profile antitrust and competition matters, with a focus on mergers, merger investigations, and related litigation. An expert on industrial organization and competition policy, Dr. Malam served for seven years as senior economic advisor at the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). In that role, he led the economic analyses of numerous mergers, as well as matters involving alleged cartels, monopolization, price fixing, predatory pricing, and abuse of market power.

Dr. Malam has particular expertise in the software (SaaS), cloud computing, and consumer electronics industries. His experience also includes automotive distribution, cable television, financial markets, healthcare, payment services, retail, and transportation.

Merger reviews and investigations

Dr. Malam consults to merging parties on investigations of proposed mergers conducted by the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission, as well as pre-deal risk assessments on behalf of potential acquirers and targets. Dr. Malam has led teams in support of agency clearance for several large software mergers.

Antitrust and competition

Dr. Malam has addressed a range of matters involving cartels, as well as allegations of bid-rigging and monopolization. He has substantial experience with antitrust issues arising with technology and digital platforms. He has provided expert consulting on competition issues related to advertising technology and big data as a source of market power.

Intellectual property and patent infringement

Dr. Malam has led teams to assess lost profits and reasonable royalties in cases involving alleged patent infringement.

Dr. Malam has published on competition-related topics and speaks on a variety of antitrust, competition, and intellectual property issues. He has taught courses on industrial organization at Australian National University and the University of Melbourne.

Dr. Malam serves on the Advisory Board of the Pricing Conduct Committee of the American Bar Association’s Antitrust Section. He is also a member of the Competition and Consumer Committee of the Law Council of Australia’s Business Law Section.

Professional Affiliations
    • American Bar Association
    • American Economic Association
    • California Lawyers Association
    • European Association for Research in Industrial Organization

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Craig Malam Joins Cornerstone Research

  • “If You Build It, They Will Come: Building an Efficiencies Case,” with Russell Molter, Antitrust Magazine Online, February 2023