Cornerstone Research Experts in Focus: Jules van Binsbergen


Experts in Focus is the firm’s video and podcast series in which we interview academic experts about their research on a variety of economic and finance topics. In this video, Jennifer Juergens interviews Jules van Binsbergen, Professor of Finance at the Wharton School.

In this video, Professor van Binsbergen discusses his research related to investment fund management, mutual fund performance benchmarks, and optimal capital structure. Key topics include:

  • Active versus passive mutual fund management debate
  • Relationship between fund performance and fund flows
  • Duration-based stock valuation
  • Tradeoffs between costs and benefits of debt in capital structure

Jules van Binsbergen is a finance expert who specializes in issues related to asset pricing, institutional investors, and investments. He analyzes a range of topics arising in mutual funds and pension plans, as well as asset allocation, risk evaluation, capital structure, dividend pricing, and determinants of the cost of debt.

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Jules H. van Binsbergen

The Nippon Life Professor in Finance,
Professor of Finance,
The Wharton School,
University of Pennsylvania

  • Washington

Jennifer L. Juergens

Senior Manager