Cornerstone Research Experts in Focus: Lesley Chiou


Experts in Focus is the firm’s video and podcast series in which we interview academic experts about their research on a variety of economic and finance topics. Professor Lesley Chiou of Occidental College speaks about her current research on two-sided platforms and competition in the digital space.

Lesley Chiou, professor of economics at Occidental College, is an expert on the economics of the internet. In this video, she discusses two-sided platforms and their impact on competition in the digital space.

Key topics include:

  • Characteristics of two-sided platforms
  • Platform interactions with complementary products
  • Consumer search and platform competition

Professor Chiou addresses the antitrust, privacy, and copyright implications of search engine and social media business practices. She focuses on consumer behavior, firm competition, and implications for government regulation of online markets. In these contexts, she has addressed vertical integration in search markets, content aggregation by platforms, the use of trademarks in online search, and the effects of digital advertising on consumer behavior.

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Lesley Chiou

Laurence de Rycke Professor of Economics,
Occidental College