2020 Who’s Who Legal: Competition–Economists


Cornerstone Research staff and affiliated experts were selected for the 2020 list of the leading competition economists from around the world.

LondonWho’s Who Legal named Cornerstone Research affiliated experts and staff in its 2020 list ‘for their provision of expert knowledge and testimony in complex antitrust matters, alongside the superb advice they provide to lawyers and clients on intricate matters of competition economics.’

The following senior advisers and staff appear in the 2020 listing of top competition economists:

Academic Experts
  • John Asker is the Armen A. Alchian Chair in Economic Theory and Professor of Economics at the University of California, Los Angeles. Professor Asker has testified as an expert witness and served as an economic consultant and adviser to both federal and state regulatory agencies.
  • Timothy F. Bresnahan is the Landau Professor in Technology and the Economy at Stanford University. Professor Bresnahan is an expert on the empirical measurement of market power, and on testing models of imperfect competition.
  • Kenneth Elzinga is the Robert C. Taylor Professor of Economics at the University of Virginia. Known as the co-creator of the Elzinga-Hogarty test, used to define relevant geographic markets in antitrust analyses, Professor Elzinga’s work has been cited by the US Supreme Court.
  • Gautam Gowrisankaran is Professor of Economics and the Peter and Nancy Salter Chair in Healthcare Management at the University of Arizona. Professor Gowrisankaran has testified in competition matters before the Federal Trade Commission, in US district and state courts, and in international venues.
  • Justin McCrary is the Paul J. Evanson Professor of Law at Columbia Law School. An expert on statistical methods and economic modelling at the intersection of law and economics, Professor McCrary has testified on issues related to class certification, antitrust, labour and statistics.
  • Nathan Miller is the Saleh Romeih Associate Professor at the McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University. Professor Miller’s research focuses on merger investigations, cartels, tacit coordination and price discrimination.
  • Aviv Nevo is the George A. Weiss and Lydia Bravo Weiss University Professor and Professor of Economics and Marketing at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Professor Nevo was formerly chief economist at the Antitrust Division at the US Department of Justice.
  • Peter C. Reiss is the MBA Class of 1963 Professor of Economics at the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University. Professor Reiss is an industrial organisation economist who studies questions related to competition among firms, with a focus on statistical analysis.
Senior Staff
  • Rahul Guha is CEO of Cornerstone Research, based in the firm’s Chicago office. Dr Guha has led the firm’s work on numerous complex antitrust and competition matters. He consults on regulatory inquiries, motion practice and all phases of litigation and arbitral proceedings in the United States and international venues.
  • Kostis Hatzitaskos is a vice president in Cornerstone Research’s Chicago office and co-head of the firm’s global antitrust and competition practice. Dr Hatzitaskos leads merger review teams for merging parties and government agencies in investigations.
  • Vandy M. Howell is a senior vice president in Cornerstone Research’s San Francisco office. An economist with expertise in industrial organisation and labour economics, Dr Howell focuses on antitrust, intellectual property, marketing and class certification matters.
  • Michael C. Keeley is a senior adviser at Cornerstone Research. Dr Keeley has served as an expert in numerous cases dealing with antitrust issues that include price fixing, monopolisation, tying, bundling, exclusive dealing, predatory pricing, price discrimination, mergers and class certification.
  • Vivek Mani is a principal in Cornerstone Research’s London office. Mr Mani has over a decade of experience leading teams and consulting to clients on regulatory and litigation issues involving competition.
  • Darwin Neher is a senior vice president in Cornerstone Research’s New York office. Dr Neher assesses liability and damages issues in antitrust and competition matters involving allegations of price fixing, tying, monopolisation and other exclusionary conduct.
  • Maria Salgado is a vice president in Cornerstone Research’s San Francisco office. Dr Salgado has substantial experience with antitrust issues in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.
  • Celeste Saravia is a vice president in Cornerstone Research’s San Francisco office. Dr Saravia specialises in class certification, liability and damages issues arising in antitrust and regulatory matters.
  • Michael D. Topper is a senior vice president in Cornerstone Research’s Silicon Valley office. The former head of the firm’s antitrust and competition practice, Dr Topper has consulted on antitrust issues in many high-profile mergers, including for merging parties, enforcement agencies and third parties.


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