M. Kate Bundorf Joins Duke University


Professor Bundorf is the S. Malcolm Gillis Distinguished Professor of Public Policy.

Washington, DC—M. Kate Bundorf has joined Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy as the S. Malcolm Gillis Distinguished Professor of Public Policy. A noted health economist who studies healthcare systems, Professor Bundorf is also an affiliate of Duke’s Margolis Center of Health Policy.

Previously, Professor Bundorf was an associate professor in the department of health research and policy in the Stanford University School of Medicine. She also served as an associate professor in the Graduate School of Business and as a senior fellow at the Stanford Institute for Economic and Policy Research.

M. Kate Bundorf is an expert on health insurance markets and the economics of healthcare systems and healthcare delivery. In these contexts, she has analyzed the determinants and effects of consumer choices, the impact of regulation, the interaction of public and private systems, incentives for insurers to improve healthcare quality, and the organization of provider markets. Professor Bundorf has served as an expert witness on healthcare matters, including cases with allegations of False Claims Act violations, and reimbursement disputes. She has testified at deposition.

M. Kate Bundorf

J. Alexander McMahon Distinguished Professor of Health Policy and Management,
Sanford School of Public Policy,
Core Faculty Member, Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy,
Duke University


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