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  • Labor, Discrimination, and Algorithmic Bias
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5 Questions with Ben Handel: The Use of Algorithms in Healthcare

Professor Ben Handel of the University of California, Berkeley discusses the use, impact, and potential of algorithmic tools in healthcare.


Accounting for the Employee-Employer Relationship in Antitrust Analysis

The authors discuss how failing to account for the incentives and benefits that arise within long-term employee-employer relationships can lead to incomplete and incorrect economic analysis.

Press Release

Francine Lafontaine Honored with 2023 IOS Distinguished Service Award

The Industrial Organization Society (IOS) recognized Professor Lafontaine for her professional leadership in the scholarship and practice of industrial organization.

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Cornerstone Research Staff and Affiliated Experts Submit Comments to the Joint FTC-DOJ Inquiry on Merger Enforcement

The FTC and DOJ launched a joint public inquiry to solicit comments from the public on merger enforcement.


Students for Fair Admissions Inc. v. University of North Carolina et al.

Relying heavily on our expert’s testimony, the judge found in favor of the University of North Carolina in this case, upholding the use of race in undergraduate admissions.


No-Poach Clauses in QSR Litigation

Class certification was denied in two seminal franchise no-poach litigation matters involving McDonald’s and Jimmy John’s.


Understanding the Growing Interest in Labor Market Concentration

In this Law360 article, Ashley Vissing discusses how labor concentration issues are being raised in the courts and how economic analysis can inform antitrust inquiry.


5 Questions with Anja Lambrecht: Digital Advertising, Targeting, and Apparent Bias

We interview Professor Lambrecht, an authority on digital marketing related to online advertising, promotion, pricing, and consumer behavior.


Breach of Contract in the Video Game Industry

Counsel retained Cornerstone Research to estimate lost profits in this breach of contract case.


Labor Disputes and Complex Discrimination

Cornerstone Research has experience in discrimination and labor matters, including class actions, individual actions, and internal investigations.


Heldt et al. v. Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

The jury rendered a unanimous verdict in favor of our client in this alleged discrimination class action.


Morgan et al. v. U.S. Soccer Federation Inc.

The judge ruled in favor of the defendant’s motion for summary judgment on all equal pay claims in this Title VII case.

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