Benjamin H. Fuller



  • Boston


Benjamin Fuller performs economic analysis and applies statistical and econometric techniques in regulatory matters and commercial litigation cases involving complex data. Mr. Fuller has broad experience in the consumer finance, energy, healthcare, hedge fund, and life sciences industries. He has particular expertise in False Claims Act issues and consumer fraud and product liability matters alleging public nuisance. Mr. Fuller consults to clients across all phases of the litigation process and supports experts through discovery and trial.

False Claims Act

Mr. Fuller’s False Claims Act expertise includes cases involving large healthcare payers and providers, and consumer finance issues. Recent work includes:

  • Analyzing alleged improper submissions of long-term care pharmacy claims to Medicare and Medicaid, including tens of thousands of allegedly improper pharmacy prescriptions
  • Analyzing government-backed mortgage loans that were allegedly underwritten improperly
  • Reviewing whistleblower allegations that Medicare Advantage programs applied inappropriate diagnosis codes
Consumer fraud and product liability

Mr. Fuller supports clients in large-scale consumer fraud and product liability matters, with a focus on public nuisance allegations. Representative work includes:

  • Providing quantitative analysis of national- and local-level government surveys, including evaluating individual-level responses across numerous survey questions
  • Analyzing allegations of harm, including performing industry benefit analyses and econometric analyses addressing causation claims
  • Evaluating allegedly improper dispensing of controlled substances, including econometric analyses of a public database with approximately half a billion records
  • Assessing proposed abatement programs, with a focus on the predicted effectiveness rates based on implicit and explicit assumptions included in the programs
Regulatory investigations

In support of clients engaged in regulatory matters, Mr. Fuller has assessed Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rule proposals related to equity market restructuring. In this context, he has analyzed trading data spanning tens of millions of transactions. He has worked with clients in drafting comment letters on proposed regulations and white papers. Mr. Fuller also has experience with Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitrations. Additional projects include:

  • Conducting qualitative and quantitative analyses of survey data in a regulatory challenge to the acquisition of a pharmaceutical company
  • Addressing alleged violations of fiduciary duty involving a hedge fund and a prime broker
  • Assessing changes in market data fees for the U.S. equity market

Before joining Cornerstone Research, Mr. Fuller worked on derivatives-related issues at Bank of New York Mellon and Bridgewater Associates.

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