Michael Lindh



  • San Francisco


Michael Lindh conducts economic and financial analysis in matters involving securities and financial institutions. Mr. Lindh has extensive experience with complex, proprietary financial data. He supports clients through all phases of litigation, and has worked across a range of industries, particularly financial services, and including media and entertainment, real estate, and technology.


Mr. Lindh has supported experts testifying in Rule 10b-5 and Section 11 disclosure cases. In matters involving common stock, preferred stock, and bonds, he has addressed class certification, loss causation, and damages issues. Mr. Lindh has experience analyzing the impact of information on securities prices, calculating per-share damages, and estimating aggregate damages and settlements.

Financial institutions

Mr. Lindh has consulted on multiple cases involving various financial institutions, including issues related to market manipulation and valuation. He has extensive experience analyzing financial data, particularly related to fixed income securities, money market instruments, and financial derivatives, including interest rate swaps and credit default swaps. Mr. Lindh has also supported experts addressing issues related to mutual fund and hedge fund performance.