Richard W. Dalbeck

Vice President


  • Los Angeles


Rich Dalbeck applies consulting and business experience to the assessment of damages in a variety of complex commercial litigation cases. He specializes in financial consulting in commercial disputes and has led engagements in trials, arbitrations, mediations, and regulatory inquiries. Mr. Dalbeck has served as the head of Cornerstone Research’s Los Angeles office.

Consumer class actions

Mr. Dalbeck has consulted on consumer class actions involving false advertising, product misrepresentation, product defect, product labeling, and deceptive retail pricing claims. He has analyzed economic and market data to assess heterogeneity, as well as alleged harm, among putative class members. He has also rebutted damages.

Intellectual property

Mr. Dalbeck has worked on patent infringement, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, trade secret, and unfair competition cases at the federal level and state level. He has assessed lost profits, reasonable royalties, and economic harm in a wide variety of industries, including technology, media, entertainment, transportation, and retail.

Corporate and government investigations

He has been a leader in the firm’s work in complex corporate and government investigations within such industries as real estate, financial institutions, investment management firms, hedge funds, and social media. He has also evaluated corporate governance issues, and prevailing norms, in numerous cases.

Transaction-related matters

He has worked on matters involving transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance issues, and valuation. These have included such industries as technology, social media, utilities, venture capital, asset management, investment advisory services, airlines, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, consumer products, publishing, aerospace, utilities, media, and real estate.

Breach of contract and general damages

Mr. Dalbeck has consulted on numerous breach of contract cases involving lost profits, reasonable royalties, and general damages, in such industries as airlines, utilities, healthcare, banking, credit cards, technology, insurance, and real estate.

Prior to joining Cornerstone Research, Mr. Dalbeck held senior positions at major energy and entertainment companies, including Sony U.S.A., Columbia Pictures Entertainment, Lorimar-Telepictures Corporation and Guber-Peters Entertainment Corporation. He previously served as vice president of Pacific Enterprises and vice president and chief financial officer of the Southern California Gas Company. He began his career as a consultant at Ernst & Young.

Case v. Facebook Inc.


Securities and Exchange Commission v. Ferrante


Move Inc. et al. v. Zillow Inc. et al.