Tiffany Shih

Senior Manager


  • Los Angeles


Tiffany Shih consults on life sciences and healthcare litigation and regulatory investigations. Dr. Shih works with academic experts and attorneys and leads large teams to perform complex economic analyses on antitrust, product misrepresentation, reimbursement, and breach of contract matters in these industries.

Dr. Shih’s experience includes:

Antitrust litigation and merger investigations
Product misrepresentation and product liability matters
  • Assessing the impact of pharmaceutical marketing on prescribers’ behavior and prescription drug sales
  • Analyzing pharmaceutical companies’ drug development decisions
  • Examining damages in consumer personal injury matters
  • Analyzing consumer class certification issues in product liability matters in the pharmaceutical industry
Reimbursement disputes
  • Evaluating economic issues related to risk-adjusted payments to Medicare Advantage insurers
Contract disputes
  • Addressing breach of contract issues related to pharmaceutical R&D and licensing agreements

Dr. Shih has published articles on healthcare and life sciences topics in medical and economics journals. In her research, Dr. Shih has addressed how money flows through the pharmaceutical distribution system, the economic impacts of biologic drugs policies, and the economic costs of disease.

Prior to joining Cornerstone Research, Dr. Shih worked at Precision Health Economics, where she provided business consulting services to major pharmaceutical companies.


In re Novartis and Par Antitrust Litigation


United States et al. v. UnitedHealth Group Incorporated et al.


Cigna’s Acquisition of Express Scripts

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