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IDX Systems Corporation v. Epic Systems Corporation et al.

IDX, a provider of healthcare information technology systems, sued several defendants alleging theft of trade secrets, breach of contractual obligations, unfair competition, and tortious interference.


Apple Computer, Inc. v. Hewlett-Packard, Inc. and Microsoft Corporation

Cornerstone Research staff were retained by the defendants to coordinate the damage analyses in this closely watched proceeding.


ParaData Computer Networks v. Telebit

The defense retained Dr. Michael Keeley in this breach of technology sharing matter.


Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. et al. v. Connectix Corporation

Counsel for Connectix retained Dr. Michael Keeley to analyze the economic issues in this copyright infringement case.


The Nature Company v. Natural Wonders

The Nature Company accused Natural Wonders of infringing its trade dress.


CIM v. Wrigley

CIM sued Wrigley for an alleged breach of a joint software development agreement.


Harris Corporation et al. v. Macronix International Co.

The plaintiff, Harris Corporation, had acquired a patent portfolio from General Electric and was seeking to realize value by widely licensing the patents.


Intelectron, Inc. v. Heath Company, Inc.

Intelectron held patents on outdoor lighting fixtures with infrared motion detectors, and claimed that Heath, a much larger competitor, had infringed those patents, undercut the sales price, and earned unjust…


Level One Communications, Inc. v. SEEQ Technology, Inc.

Level One sued SEEQ, claiming infringement of two of its patents, and SEEQ countersued, asserting that Level One had infringed one of its patents.



MCI sued AT&T, claiming that certain AT&T patents covering intelligent network services were invalid.


Polaroid Corporation v. Eastman Kodak Company

In the largest U.S. patent infringement case at the time, Polaroid claimed $12 billion in damages from Eastman Kodak, which it accused of infringing Polaroid’s instant camera patents.


Scripto-Tokai Corporation v. The Gillette Company

In a matter involving erasable-ink pens, Scripto sued Gillette for declaratory relief, claiming Gillette’s patent was invalid.

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