Andrea L. Eisfeldt

Laurence D. and Lori W. Fink Endowed Chair in Finance,
Professor of Finance,
UCLA Anderson School of Management,
University of California, Los Angeles

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Andrea Eisfeldt is an expert on financial markets. Professor Eisfeldt conducts research on capital markets, as well as corporate finance and banking. She has been retained as an expert witness in multiple finance matters, addressing a range of issues that include portfolio analysis, valuation, economic damages, and LIBOR.

Professor Eisfeldt consulted for several years on fixed income strategies and hedging for AQR Capital Management, a global investment management firm. Previously, during a planned leave from UCLA Anderson from 2013 to 2015, she served as chief economist at Structured Portfolio Management, a fixed income and mortgage-backed securities hedge fund. In this role, she conducted research on securitized products, interest rates, real estate markets, and volatility strategies.

In her recent academic work, Professor Eisfeldt has addressed topics related to the return on complex trading strategies, over-the-counter derivatives prices and trading, bank valuation, and credit risk. She has published articles in the Journal of Finance, the Journal of Monetary Economics, Econometrica, and the Review of Financial Studies. Her research has twice been awarded the Amundi Smith Breeden Prize by the Journal of Finance. Professor Eisfeldt was a finalist for the Jensen Prize in the Journal of Financial Economics.

Professor Eisfeldt holds editorial roles at leading academic journals. She serves on the board of the American Finance Association, where she is a member of the investments, ethics, and strategic planning committees. At the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), she is a research associate in the programs for asset pricing, corporate finance, and economic fluctuations and growth.

Professor Eisfeldt teaches courses on derivatives, international finance, corporate finance, FinTech and cryptocurrency, and macro finance. Previously, she served for a decade as a tenured professor at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Professional Affiliations

This Time It’s Different? Developments in Leveraged Loan and Private Equity Cycle


Cornerstone Research Experts in Focus: Andrea Eisfeldt

  • “Tearing Down the Pink Wall: Influential Women in Finance,” UCLA Fink Center for Finance, UCLA Anderson School of Management, and Women Investing in Security and Education (WISE), 10 May 2021