Cornerstone Research Experts in Focus: Andrea Eisfeldt


Experts in Focus is the firm’s video and podcast series in which we interview academic experts about their research on a variety of economic and finance topics. Finance Professor Andrea Eisfeldt is interviewed by Nari Subramanian.

Nari Subramanian interviews Andrea Eisfeldt, the Laurence D. and Lori W. Fink Endowed Chair in Finance at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. Professor Eisfeldt talks about her research into asset market liquidity and corporate solvency and its relevance to market events during times of financial and economic crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Sources of illiquidity in corporate bond and equity markets
  • Capital structure, solvency, and financial health of firms

Also highlighted in the interview is Professor Eisfeldt’s work in:

  • Equity-based compensation
  • Drivers of bank valuation ratios
  • Fixed income strategies
  • Asset management

Professor Eisfeldt is an expert on financial markets. She conducts research on asset pricing, banking, capital markets, and corporate finance. She has been retained as an expert witness in multiple finance matters, addressing a range of issues, including portfolio analysis, valuation, economic damages, and LIBOR.

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Andrea L. Eisfeldt

Laurence D. and Lori W. Fink Endowed Chair in Finance,
Professor of Finance,
UCLA Anderson School of Management,
University of California, Los Angeles

  • Boston

Narayanan “Nari” Subramanian

Vice President