Joseph A. Grundfest

Former Commissioner, Securities and Exchange Commission;
W. A. Franke Professor of Law and Business,
Stanford Law School,
Senior Faculty, Rock Center for Corporate Governance,
Stanford University

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Professor Grundfest is an expert on capital markets, corporate governance, and securities litigation. He is a former commissioner of the SEC, where he dealt extensively with enforcement of federal securities laws, regulation of novel financial instruments and transactions, takeovers, corporate governance, market volatility, and the internationalization of U.S. capital markets. Professor Grundfest served as counsel and senior economist on legal and regulatory matters for the President’s Council of Economic Advisers. His expert testimony includes several high-profile cases.

Professor Grundfest’s scholarship in corporate law, securities regulation, and litigation has been published in the Harvard, Yale, and Stanford law reviews. He has been named among the nation’s one hundred most influential attorneys by the National Law Journal and among California’s top ten attorneys by California Lawyer.

At Stanford Law School, Professor Grundfest is the founder and codirector of Directors’ College and principal investigator for the Securities Class Action Clearinghouse, a collaboration with Cornerstone Research. In addition, he is a cofounder and director of Financial Engines Inc., a director at Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co., and a former director of Oracle Corporation.


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Duty to Disclose, Cryptocoins, Blockchain, and Other SEC Challenges

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