Robert D. Gibbons

Blum-Riese Professor of Biostatistics,
Professor, Departments of Medicine, Psychiatry, and Public Health Sciences (Biostatistics);
Director, Center for Health Statistics;
University of Chicago

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Robert Gibbons is a nationally recognized authority in the field of statistics, with major interest areas including biostatistics, environmental statistics, and psychometrics. He has testified on product liability and drug safety matters and addressed topics related to clinical trial design and results, observational study design and results, meta-analysis, statistical power, and damages.

Professor Gibbons is a Pritzker Scholar at the University of Chicago. He is a fellow of the American Statistical Association, where he also cofounded the Mental Health Statistics section. An elected member of the International Statistical Institute, the Royal Statistical Society, and the National Academy of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, he has received lifetime achievement awards from the American Public Health Association and Harvard University. Professor Gibbons is a founding director of the Center for Health Statistics at the University of Chicago, which applies advanced statistical theory to a variety of health sciences challenges.

Professor Gibbons has cowritten seven books and more than a dozen book chapters. He publishes widely on statistics and biostatistics, particularly on topics related to drug safety, mental health, and environmental statistics. He has authored or coauthored more than 300 research articles and collaborative scientific studies, and his work has appeared in the Journal of the American Statistical AssociationBiometricsStatistics in Medicine, the Journal of Clinical PsychiatryJAMA Psychiatry, and Environmental Science and Technology, among many other publications.

Professor Gibbons has served on the editorial boards of Health Services and Outcomes Research Methodology and JAMA Psychiatry and is an associate editor of the Harvard Data Science Review. His research on drug safety and other subjects has appeared in an array of media outlets, such as Forbes, the Lancet, the New York TimesScientific American, and the Washington Post.

An award-winning educator, Professor Gibbons has been recognized multiple times for excellence in teaching and research.

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