Anand Krishnamurthy



  • New York


Anand Krishnamurthy consults on antitrust, intellectual property, marketing and consumer fraud, and biostatistics issues in life sciences litigation. Dr. Krishnamurthy’s experience also includes analysis of liability and economic harm in the agriculture, consumer retail, food and beverage, and technology industries. He leads teams providing economic analyses and expert support in all phases of commercial litigation, including deposition and trial. Dr. Krishnamurthy’s research on topics in econometrics has been published in Statistica Sinica.


Dr. Krishnamurthy has experience in a range of life sciences antitrust matters. In cases involving allegations of delayed generic entry, he has addressed issues related to class certification (e.g., In re Intuniv Antitrust Litigation and In re Niaspan Antitrust Litigation), as well as issues related to liability and damages. Dr. Krishnamurthy has also analyzed issues related to pharmaceutical pricing practices and more specifically, cases involving allegations of drug price fixing.

Marketing and consumer fraud

Dr. Krishnamurthy has analyzed issues related to off-label promotion and marketing of pharmaceuticals.

Intellectual property

Dr. Krishnamurthy has experience in Hatch-Waxman matters, including evaluating irreparable harm and commercial success in connection with Paragraph IV challenges.

Statistics and biostatistics

Dr. Krishnamurthy has analyzed findings of pharmaceutical clinical trials and observational studies in relation to issues arising under the False Claims Act.


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