Steven R. Grenadier

William F. Sharpe Professor of Financial Economics,
Stanford Graduate School of Business;
Senior Advisor, Cornerstone Research

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Steven Grenadier has testified as an expert in investments and derivatives cases in which he has addressed disclosure, suitability, and valuation issues. He has also testified in numerous ERISA matters involving allegations of breach of fiduciary duty, excessive fees, and inappropriate investments. Professor Grenadier has experience in analyzing market efficiency, price impact, Comcast issues, and loss causation and damages in Section 10b-5 and 11 securities class actions in federal and state courts.

Professor Grenadier specializes in complex financial asset analysis, and teaches courses on investments, portfolio management, and finance theory. His research focuses on applying option pricing theory to real investment analysis. Topics have included industry boom and bust cycles, real option signaling games, continuous-time stochastic games, valuing complex lease contracts, and commercial real estate equilibrium models.

He is also a senior financial economist with Financial Engines, and a former director of Nicholas-Applegate Institutional Funds, AQR Funds, and E*Trade.

Professor Grenadier is an editor of the Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, and a former associate editor of the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control. He has also published articles in the Journal of Finance, the Journal of Empirical Finance, the Journal of Financial Economics, and the Review of Financial Studies.


“Economic Equivalence” of Reference Obligations in a CLO


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Johnson et al. v. Evangelical Lutheran Church in America et al.


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