Eric Tam



  • Silicon Valley


Eric Tam has more than a decade of experience working on cases involving financial institutions, financial markets, and securities. He has particular expertise at the intersection of finance and data analytics, with extensive experience in matters requiring sophisticated analyses of large volumes of information.

Mr. Tam consults on matters related to structured finance products, derivatives, market manipulation, securities class actions, mutual funds, and insider trading. In securities class actions, he has addressed issues related to materiality, loss causation, and damages across various industries, including mortgage finance, retail, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing.

He has led large teams and worked with experts through deposition and trial. Examples of his work include:

  • Applied statistical methods to model the loan performance of tens of millions of U.S. mortgages after controlling for borrower and loan characteristics, and for economic conditions, using the model to analyze loss causation and damages in mortgage-backed securities litigation
  • Examined trading and market data to assess whether trading patterns were consistent with allegations of insider trading or manipulation in financial markets
  • Evaluated market efficiency for stocks and bonds in the context of class certification in securities class actions
  • Analyzed portfolio composition and investor transactions of mutual funds to evaluate issues related to loss causation, damages to investors, and the funds’ adherence to its policies
  • Reviewed the history and operations of structured investment vehicles (SIVs) and their issuance of asset-backed commercial paper (ABCP) as a funding source
  • Analyzed disruptions in the market for ABCP during the credit crisis and causes of ABCP default and SIV failure, including assessing particular investments in ABCP in the context of the investor’s historical investment patterns
  • Modeled and valued future cash flows from the management of investment accounts using a Monte Carlo simulation
Professional Affiliations

Banking Industry


Securities Class Action Regarding Mutual Fund Performance


Securities Class Action Involving Corporate Bond Event Studies