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  • Technology, Digital Economy, and Artificial Intelligence
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EC Investigation into Cloud Technology Company Merger

The European Commission cleared this merger after an investigation.


How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Are Impacting the Litigation Landscape

In this live webcast, Mike DeCesaris and Ernest Kim Song discuss the impact of AI and ML on litigation practice and expert testimony.


The Cambridge Handbook of Marketing and the Law

Cornerstone Research experts and staff contributed chapters on valuation of personal data, brand value, search engine advertising, and marketing analysis.

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Jonah Berger Honored with Sage 10-Year Impact Award for Research with Long-Term Influence

Global academic publisher Sage Journals recognizes Professor Berger’s “What Makes Content Go Viral” article for its lasting impact on the social and behavioral sciences.

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Dr. Kirti Gupta Joins Cornerstone Research as Vice President and Chief Economist of Global Technology

Cornerstone Research welcomes distinguished economist and tech expert to increase capability in the technology industry.


5 Questions with Ben Handel: The Use of Algorithms in Healthcare

Professor Ben Handel of the University of California, Berkeley discusses the use, impact, and potential of algorithmic tools in healthcare.


In re Oracle Corporation Derivative Litigation

The Delaware Court of Chancery’s Vice Chancellor ruled entirely in favor of Cornerstone Research’s clients, the defendants in this high-profile derivative lawsuit.


21st Annual International Industrial Organization Conference (IIOC)

Cornerstone Research affiliated experts will be honored and present at this annual conference in Washington, DC.

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Cornerstone Research Named in GCR 2023 Matter of the Year

Global Competition Review recognized Cornerstone Research for its economic work in Amazon’s $8.5 billion acquisition of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.


In Re Twitter Inc. v. Elon Musk et al.

In addition to supporting the three testifying experts, Cornerstone Research conducted research and consulted to counsel on a number of issues.

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SEC Tightens Cryptocurrency Enforcement

Number of cryptocurrency-related litigations grew considerably in 2022.


SEC Cryptocurrency Enforcement: 2022 Update

Under the new administration, the SEC has continued its role as one of the main regulators in the cryptocurrency space.

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