Role of Online Reviews in Litigation


Ashish Pradhan discusses various factors of online reviews that can be analyzed by expert witnesses in litigation in this Law360 article.

Social media platforms, and the broader internet in general, have become rich sources of data over the last several years; among the most intriguing of these data is online consumer reviews of products and services. Online reviews can be used in litigation matters and, if employed appropriately, can be a useful source of data for expert witnesses.

In this Law360 article, author Ashish Pradhan looks at the use of online reviews in litigation and expert testimony, moving beyond the simplistic links between reviews and sales and into more complex analyses. He explains that analyzing online reviews provides real-world data for courts to rely on in making assessments about important issues in a wide variety of cases.

This article was originally published by Law360 in July 2019.

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Role of Online Reviews in Litigation


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