Damages 2018: Recognising Your Options Beyond Discounted Cash Flow


This Cornerstone Research conference featured a panel of expert lawyers and economists discussing how best to assess damages in arbitration and commercial litigation.

Cornerstone Research hosted this second annual panel on alternatives to Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) analysis. DCF remains the most commonly used valuation methodology in arbitration and commercial litigation, and most clients who work with damages/quantum experts are familiar with its core principles. However, DCF is far from being the only such methodology. Moreover, in certain circumstances DCF can lead to inaccurate valuations and damages assessments.

Using real case examples, this expert panel discussed another key methodology—financial options analysis—and offered insight on presenting both this methodology and its results to judges and tribunals.


  • London

Ronnie Barnes

Vice President

  • Washington | London

Greg Leonard

Senior Vice President

Additional Speakers

Matt Fitzwater
Managing Director and Global Head of Litigation, Investigations and Enforcement, Barclays

Donny Surtani
Herbert Smith Freehills