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Ronnie Barnes coheads Cornerstone Research’s international arbitration and litigation practice. Dr. Barnes is an expert in accounting, damages, and valuation. He specializes in cases that raise complex valuation issues, including the estimation of the cost of capital, the determination of country risk premia, and the valuation of complex financial instruments such as derivatives and structured finance products.

Dr. Barnes has provided written and oral testimony in a number of litigation and arbitration matters in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, South Africa, and internationally. He has addressed such topics as the tax treatment of hire purchase contracts; the quantum of damages in commercial disputes; the economic equivalence of different financial derivatives; the cost of capital in the contexts of a competition enquiry and valuation disputes; the use of derivatives in alleged share price manipulation; and stock market efficiency in shareholder actions.

In addition to serving as a testifying expert, Dr. Barnes leads teams that support academic and practitioner experts. In this capacity, he has worked on numerous matters related to financial institutions and financial products. He has addressed issues related to the analysis of damages stemming from alleged misrepresentations and omissions in corporate disclosures, as well as other matters requiring sophisticated accounting, financial, and/or economic analysis.

Dr. Barnes has published research on a range of topics, notably cross-border valuation, valuation methodologies, damages, and the role of economic and econometric analyses in shareholder actions. He has authored or coauthored multiple articles, as well as chapters in leading reference books on international arbitration.

A UK-qualified chartered accountant, Dr. Barnes previously held positions in accounting and investment banking firms, as well as a consulting firm and academia. He has more than a decade of experience teaching courses in corporate finance, accounting, and valuation, among other topics.

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