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Natural Gas Commodity Litigation

Counsel for American Electric Power (AEP) retained Cornerstone Research to evaluate plaintiffs’ claims that alleged false reporting of natural gas prices by AEP and other natural gas trading firms led…


Natural Gas Price Misreporting Investigations

Cornerstone Research took a leading role in several natural gas price misreporting investigations.


Other Market Manipulation Experience

Cornerstone Research has played active but nonpublic roles in a wide range of energy-related litigation and investigations.


Valuation of Business Loss Caused by Hurricane Katrina

In an insurance claim matter, sEnergy Insurance Ltd. retained Cornerstone Research to analyze the business loss at a major Gulf Coast refinery resulting from Hurricane Katrina.


Williams Securities Litigation

Cornerstone Research supported Professor Craig Pirrong of the University of Houston in reviewing and opining on the reasonableness of The Williams Companies’ methodologies for valuing multibillion-dollar long-term energy contracts during…


Wyoming Tight Sands Natural Gas Price Litigation

Two utility companies and a fertilizer manufacturer in the Midwest alleged that they were overcharged for regulated natural gas.


Energy Transfer Partners

Counsel for Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. (ETP) retained Cornerstone Research and Professor Craig Pirrong of the University of Houston to respond to allegations made by the FERC Enforcement Litigation Staff…


FERC Refund Hearings on California Electricity Markets

The joint defense group of California thermal generators retained Cornerstone Research to collect and consolidate data on California electricity markets.


FERC Refund Hearings on California Electricity Markets (Duke Energy)

On behalf of Duke Energy, Cornerstone Research analyzed the expert testimony submitted by the California parties.


SEC/DOJ Investigation of FCPA Violations by a Fortune 500 Energy Firm

Cornerstone Research and Professor Roman Weil of the University of Chicago assisted a large provider of energy-related products and services in SEC and DOJ investigations regarding a former subsidiary’s alleged…

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