2017 IAM Guide Highlights Cornerstone Research Patent Professionals


Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) names Michael Keeley, Matthew Lynde, George Strong, and Mary Woodford in its list of leading expert witnesses on patent issues.

London—The 2017 edition of the IAM Patent 1000, an annual listing of top patent professionals, includes four Cornerstone Research expert witnesses: Michael C. Keeley, Matthew R. Lynde, George G. Strong Jr., and Mary A. Woodford. The publication identifies the leading testifying experts in the United States based on interviews with patent attorneys.

According to the IAM Patent 1000:

  • “A dab hand in both IP and antitrust litigation, Michael Keeley is a font of wisdom on economics and finance; he has published articles in leading journals and received the Garn Prize for his scholarship on bank risk taking. With 27 years at the frontline, the Cornerstone Research professional remains cool-headed in the heat of battle.”
  • “A superb witness with amazing academic credentials, Matthew Lynde of Cornerstone Research is a ‘seminal expert’ on FRAND-compliant royalties; he acted for Microsoft in its landmark patent licensing dispute with Motorola. The adept economist has a wide-angle perspective on his subject, developed while practising in a range of academic, government and commercial environments; notably, he is the former head of PwC’s IP practice in Silicon Valley.”
  • “Cornerstone Research’s George Strong applies his business administration know-how to a wide range of commercial law disputes; the breadth of his experience allows him to see patent damages matters from every angle. The Harvard MBA also possesses a law degree, which helps him to work smoothly with legal counsel and present his case effectively at trial.”
  • “The thoughtful, well-reasoned Mary Woodford helps to navigate labyrinthine economic disputes relating to intellectual property. Her assessments are measured and robust; cross-examiners stand little chance of finding a chink in the armour of this quick thinking, articulate witness.”

Michael C. Keeley

Senior Advisor

  • San Francisco

Matthew R. Lynde

Senior Vice President

George G. Strong Jr.

Senior Advisor


Terri Viera
Cornerstone Research