Matthew Lynde Named Intellectual Property Trailblazer by National Law Journal


Dr. Lynde received the honor for his lifetime achievements in applying advanced economic analysis to IP and patent damages.

San Francisco—The National Law Journal has selected Matthew R. Lynde, Cornerstone Research senior vice president, as a 2017 intellectual property trailblazer. The award honors those who show “deep passion and perseverance” in their area of IP expertise and have “achieved remarkable successes along the way.”

Dr. Lynde has helped to shape the IP landscape by bringing economic rigor and data-driven analyses to specific IP damages assessments and public-interest questions of equitable relief. His expert testimony has been accepted in domestic and international courts, tribunals, and arbitration panels in more than sixty-five instances. His work as a consultant and educator spans a range of IP portfolio and valuation issues.

Dr. Lynde has applied economic rigor and data-driven analyses not just to damages issues, but also to public welfare impacts of injunctive relief.

Dr. Lynde was Microsoft’s licensing expert in the landmark Microsoft v Motorola Mobility case, the first bench trial to set a RAND range for standard essential patents. This groundbreaking case began a new assessment of what a party’s RAND commitment means to a standard setting organization and how that would affect patent damages.

“Economic experts play an increasing role in patent damages,” Dr. Lynde said. “Bringing advanced economics to the field of IP damages and analysis has been the touchstone of my career.”

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Matthew R. Lynde

Senior Vice President


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