René Stulz Honored in Special Edition of Journal of Applied Corporate Finance


Professor Stulz’s articles are republished in a special edition of the journal, which highlights his more than four decades of research on globalization, corporate finance, and risk management.

Chicago—The Journal of Applied Corporate Finance (JACF) has honored Professor René M. Stulz, of the Fisher College of Business at the Ohio State University, in a special issue dedicated to his research.

The winter 2022 edition (vol. 34, no. 1) features Professor Stulz’s notable and/or most cited JACF articles, the majority of which he contributed as sole author.

A leading finance expert, René Stulz is one of the most highly cited scholars in financial economics.

Presented chronologically, the articles in JACF’s special edition trace the arc of Professor Stulz’s research throughout his career. The collection begins with the 1999 article titled “Globalization, Corporate Finance, and the Cost of Capital.” Subsequent articles address finance topics ranging from risk management to hedging to FinTech. The edition closes with “Merton Miller’s Contribution to Modern Finance,” in which Professor Stulz summarizes the research and writings of the late Nobel Laureate.

A leading finance expert, René Stulz’s research focuses on corporate finance, risk management, derivatives, securities, financial institutions, and valuation. Thomson Reuters includes Professor Stulz in its list of the world’s most influential scientific minds. He is one of the most highly cited scholars in financial economics.

Featured Author

René M. Stulz

Everett D. Reese Chair of Banking and Monetary Economics,
Director, Dice Center for Research in Financial Economics,
Fisher College of Business,
The Ohio State University


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