Cornerstone Research Announces Promotions to Principal


Economic and financial consulting firm advances eleven senior staff to principal across multiple practices.

Cornerstone Research, a leading provider of economic and financial consulting and expert testimony, has promoted eleven professionals to principal: Sarah Abraham, Janko Cizel, Andrew Elzinga, Nish Hansoti, Anand Krishnamurthy, Kavan Kucko, Robert Letson, Marcus Studart, Alex Vasaly, Kyla Wethli, and Christina Zafeiridou.

These exceptional processionals demonstrate a dedication to delivering high-quality work, supporting our clients and experts, mentoring colleagues, and enhancing our firm’s collegial culture.

“We congratulate this group of exceptional professionals on their promotions,” said Yesim Richardson, Cornerstone Research’s president. “Across their respective practice areas, each demonstrates a dedication to delivering high-quality work, supporting our clients and experts, mentoring colleagues, and enhancing our firm’s collegial culture.”

More information on the firm’s new principals is below:

Headshot of Sarah Abraham Sarah Abraham provides economic and financial analysis in antitrust, healthcare, and life sciences matters. In antitrust and competition litigation, Dr. Abraham has analyzed liability and damages issues involving allegations of price fixing, monopolization, and anticompetitive conduct. She has substantial merger review experience and consults to both government agencies and merging parties on market definition, market power, and competitive effects. Dr. Abraham works with attorneys across all phases of litigation and government and regulatory investigations and supports experts through discovery and trial.
Janko Cizel consults on matters involving securities, valuation, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and risk management. Dr. Cizel analyzes market efficiency, loss causation, and economic losses in a wide range of industries and across different types of financial instruments. His experience includes numerous securities class actions and collective actions in the U.S. and internationally. Dr. Cizel works with clients and supports experts across all phases of litigation, including at trial. He conducts research on credit risk, bank regulation, and securities and has published articles in academic journals and industry publications.
Andrew Elzinga consults on litigation and regulatory investigations arising in the life sciences and healthcare industries. Dr. Elzinga leads case teams to analyze a range of complex antitrust and competition issues, including class certification, market definition and market power, and liability. He also addresses lost profits and damages in patent infringement and breach of contract matters. Dr. Elzinga works with attorneys in all phases of the litigation process and supports experts through discovery, deposition, and trial.
Nish Hansoti conducts financial analyses to address class certification, economic damages, valuation, and bankruptcy. In litigation related to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), Mr. Hansoti analyzes issues arising in retirement plans, mutual funds, and other investments. He has substantial merger review experience. Working on behalf of both merging parties and government agencies, Mr. Hansoti has evaluated merger efficiencies and analyzed if firms are failing. His industry experience includes consumer financial products, education, financial institutions, and healthcare.
Anand Krishnamurthy consults on antitrust, intellectual property, marketing and consumer fraud, and biostatistics issues in life sciences litigation. Dr. Krishnamurthy’s experience also includes analysis of liability and economic harm in the agriculture, consumer retail, food and beverage, and technology industries. He leads teams providing economic analyses and expert support in all phases of commercial litigation, including deposition and trial. Dr. Krishnamurthy’s research on topics in econometrics has been published in Statistica Sinica.
Kavan Kucko consults on labor and discrimination, antitrust and competition, and intellectual property. Dr. Kucko applies his expertise in economics, econometrics, and statistics to support attorneys and experts in all phases of commercial litigation. He leads teams to analyze complex issues related to class certification, merits, and damages. Dr. Kucko has published research in the American Economic Journal: Economic Policy and International Finance and coauthored a comment on labor market definition to the joint FTC-DOJ inquiry on merger enforcement.
Robert Letson has more than a decade of experience consulting on litigation and regulatory investigations involving market manipulation claims, market microstructure, financial benchmarks, and trading activity. Mr. Letson has extensive expertise with issues in the FinTech and digital asset spaces, including those related to cryptocurrency exchanges, blockchain transactions, valuation, and commercial uses for blockchain technology. He also consults on merger review issues and matters involving antitrust economics. Mr. Letson has appeared on behalf of clients before enforcement officials at U.S. regulatory agencies.
Marcus Studart applies his economics, econometrics, and quantitative marketing expertise to antitrust and competition issues arising in commercial litigation and regulatory investigations. Dr. Studart has addressed anticompetitive conduct in matters involving allegations of collusion, exclusion, and monopolization. He leads teams in merger reviews, antitrust investigations, and liability and damages matters across numerous industries. Dr. Studart has experience applying statistical analyses in class certification and product liability cases involving motor vehicles, consumer goods, and pharmaceuticals.
Alex Vasaly specializes in corporate valuation, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and securities litigation. He also coheads Cornerstone Research’s real estate practice. In valuation matters, Mr. Vasaly has evaluated companies in appraisal proceedings and commercial disputes in federal and state courts, as well as in international jurisdictions. His real estate experience includes investment, finance, development, and valuation issues. Mr. Vasaly also consults on high-profile merger reviews, assessing merger-specificity and verifiability of claimed efficiencies, competitive effects, and counterfactual valuations in various contexts.
Kyla Wethli consults on economic, financial, and statistical issues, with a focus on securities litigation and executive compensation. In securities matters, Ms. Wethli frequently analyzes issues related to price impact, loss causation, damages, and market efficiency and has extensive experience at both the class certification and merits stage. She also has experience with bankruptcy, breach of contract, structured finance, defamation, and general damages matters.
Christina Zafeiridou is a financial economist who specializes in securities class actions, valuation, and alleged market manipulation matters. Dr. Zafeiridou has significant experience with loss causation, price impact, damages, market efficiency issues, and asset and business valuation analyses. Her expertise spans a range of asset classes, including equity, government and corporate bonds, and fixed income and other derivatives. She also analyzes over-the-counter (OTC) and public markets. Dr. Zafeiridou’s research has been published in the American Journal of Political Science.