Andrew Elzinga



  • Boston


Andrew Elzinga consults on litigation and regulatory investigations arising in the life sciences and healthcare industries. Dr. Elzinga leads case teams to analyze a range of complex antitrust and competition issues, including class certification, market definition and market power, and liability. He also addresses lost profits and damages in patent infringement and breach of contract matters. Dr. Elzinga works with attorneys in all phases of the litigation process and supports experts through discovery, deposition, and trial.

Dr. Elzinga’s experience includes:

Life sciences
  • Analyzing antitrust allegations involving reverse payments and product hopping across a number of matters, including In re HIV Antitrust Litigation
  • Examining class certification issues in antitrust matters related to end-payor and direct purchaser class actions
  • Evaluating allegations of market foreclosure and damages for physician-administered drugs in Fresenius Kabi USA LLC v. Par Sterile Products LLC et al.
  • Assessing market definition and market power in pharmaceutical markets
  • Estimating lost profits in patent infringement matters involving biologic and biosimilar drugs
  • Analyzing damages, commercial success, and irreparable harm in patent infringement matters
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  • “Pharmacy Benefit Managers: Economics and Enforcement Interest,” 49th Annual Conference on International Antitrust Law and Policy and Antitrust Economics Workshops, Fordham University School of Law, 14 September 2022