Daniel Ramsey



  • San Francisco


Dan Ramsey focuses on economic and statistical analysis in matters involving antitrust and competition, as well as general damages. He has expertise in developing and implementing econometric models and in analyzing large datasets in complex cases. Dr. Ramsey leads teams and works closely with experts throughout all stages of litigation. His recent experience includes two high-profile matters that reached trial, Wholesale Grocery Antitrust Litigation, which resulted in a favorable jury verdict, and BPI v. ABC Broadcasting, which settled favorably during trial.

Antitrust and competition

Dr. Ramsey analyzes class certification, liability, and damages issues in a range of competition-related cases. He has worked on matters involving allegations of horizontal price fixing, market allocation, and monopolization. Dr. Ramsey’s competition work spans multiple industries, including healthcare, technology, distribution, transportation, and consumer products.

General damages

Dr. Ramsey has developed econometric models to assess damages in a variety of settings, including consumer fraud and product liability, breach of contract, and intellectual property. He has analyzed large proprietary datasets in several of these cases, which span multiple industries.

Other experience

Dr. Ramsey has previously taught undergraduate economics at the University of Chicago. He has also worked at the President’s Council of Economic Advisers.


Guzman et al. v. Polaris Inc. et al.

Press Release

Cornerstone Research Promotes Six to Vice President and Principal in London, Los Angeles, New York, Silicon Valley, and Washington, DC


In re Wholesale Grocery Products Antitrust Litigation


Beef Products, Inc. et al. v. American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. et al.


Anderson News LLC et al. v. American Media Inc. et al.