Cornerstone Research Promotes Six to Vice President and Principal in London, Los Angeles, New York, Silicon Valley, and Washington, DC


Economic and financial consulting firm advances Pradhan and Schwartz to vice president; Kumar, Lacerda, Ramsey, and Vasconcelos promoted to principal.

San Francisco—Cornerstone Research, a leading provider of economic and financial consulting and expert testimony, has announced the promotions of two senior staff to the role of vice president: Ashish Pradhan and Allie Schwartz.

The firm also advanced four staff to the role of principal: Vikram KumarFilipe LacerdaDaniel Ramsey, and Manuel Vasconcelos.

These outstanding colleagues are terrific examples of Cornerstone Research’s best-in-class talent, leading by example to provide top-quality support to our clients and experts, and fostering our exceptional culture.

“I am delighted to congratulate these outstanding colleagues on their well-deserved promotions,” said Yesim Richardson, Cornerstone Research’s president. “They are all terrific examples of our best-in-class talent, providing top-quality support to our clients and experts, and leading by example to foster our firm’s exceptional culture.”

Vice President
  • Ashish Pradhan has more than a decade of experience addressing complex consumer fraud and product liability, consumer finance, and intellectual property matters. Mr. Pradhan has worked on multiple class actions, at both the class certification and merits stages. He has consulted on a range of high-profile matters and supports attorneys and experts in state and federal courts, as well as mediation and arbitration. Mr. Pradhan leads Cornerstone Research’s corporate governance working group, and is a coauthor of the firm’s Online Marketing series. His industry expertise includes automobiles, entertainment, high tech, music, retail, social networking, and video games. Mr. Pradhan is based in Los Angeles.
  • Allie Schwartz specializes in the valuation of securities and financial derivatives in the context of securities litigation, bankruptcy, and regulatory disputes. In matters affecting financial institutions, she has addressed allegations of anticompetitive behavior, insider and disruptive trading, hedging and risk management, and issues in consumer finance. Dr. Schwartz co-leads Cornerstone Research’s bankruptcy and financial distress group, and is the author of the firm’s report on Trends in Large Corporate Bankruptcy and Financial Distress: 2005–Q3 2020. She has more than a decade of experience working with experts through multiple stages of litigation, and has also provided support on a variety of regulatory inquiries. Dr. Schwartz is based in New York.
  • Vikram Kumar consults on competition and antitrust matters, including merger reviews, vertical and horizontal exclusionary practices, private damages litigation, and market investigations. Dr. Kumar has developed theoretical and numerical models, assessed large and complex datasets, and designed and implemented large-scale market surveys. His experience covers a range of industries. Dr. Kumar is based in London.
  • Filipe Lacerda is a financial economist with expertise in securities litigation, financial institutions, and valuation. Dr. Lacerda analyzes economic issues related to price impact, loss causation, damages, market efficiency, and settlements. He has consulted on various stages of securities litigation, including class certification, motion to dismiss, and motion for summary judgment, as well as mediations. Dr. Lacerda works out of the Los Angeles and Silicon Valley offices.
  • Daniel Ramsey focuses on economic and statistical analysis in matters related to antitrust, labor, and consumer fraud and product liability. Dr. Ramsey has expertise in developing and implementing econometric models and in analyzing large datasets in complex cases. His work spans multiple industries, including healthcare, technology, distribution, transportation, and consumer products. Dr. Ramsey is based in San Francisco.
  • Manuel Vasconcelos specializes in matters that affect large financial institutions and other participants in financial and commodity markets. Dr. Vasconcelos focuses on derivatives, market manipulation, financial benchmarks, market microstructure, valuation, and damages assessment. He has led teams working on regulatory and internal investigations, as well as international arbitration matters. Dr. Vasconcelos is based in Washington, DC.
  • Los Angeles

Ashish A. Pradhan

Vice President

  • New York

Allie Schwartz

Vice President

  • London

Vikram Kumar


  • Los Angeles

Filipe Lacerda


  • San Francisco

Daniel Ramsey


  • Washington

Manuel Vasconcelos



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