James K. Malernee Jr.

Board Member


  • New York


Jim Malernee is a cofounder of Cornerstone Research. For over thirty years, he has directed research on complex business issues related to a variety of cases. In recent years, Dr. Malernee has specialized in securities matters, supervising hundreds of cases dealing with material disclosure, loss causation, insider trading, mergers and acquisitions, targeted repurchases, minority buyouts, stock trading behavior, valuation, and class certification.

Dr. Malernee has been deposed in a number of cases, notably Securities Exchange Commission v. Microtune, Inc., et al.Oscar Private Equity et al. v. Allegiance Telecom; and Oscar Private Equity Investments et al. v. Holland et al. He has also prepared several cases for trial, including American Pacific Securities LitigationContinental Illinois Bank Securities LitigationIn re Hillsborough HoldingsKahn v. TremontMary Kay Cosmetics Securities LitigationMentor Graphics Corp. v. Quickturn Design Systems, Inc.Oracle v. PeopleSoftWalt Disney Securities Litigation; and Walter B. Hewlett v. Hewlett-Packard. He has testified in a securities matter in Federal District Court in Pace Warehouse v. Tudor Insurance Co. and in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in In re: Barbara C. Lawrence.

Dr. Malernee has served as a board member and a consultant to major corporations, and has taught finance at the University of Texas at Austin and business strategy at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.


American Pacific Securities Litigation


Kahn v. Tremont Corp. et al.


Oracle v. PeopleSoft


Oscar Private Equity Investments et al. v. Holland et al.