Jerry Lin



  • Chicago


Jerry Lin specializes in litigation and regulatory investigations related to market microstructure, securities, and valuation, with a focus on issues involving sophisticated, large-scale data analytics. Mr. Lin supports clients and experts through all phases of the litigation process, including discovery, deposition, and trial. A CFA charterholder, Mr. Lin has more than a decade of consulting experience.

His recent experience includes:

Market microstructure
  • Examined market and internal trading data to assess claims related to best execution
  • Analyzed intraday volatility market data to determine the effectiveness of certain rule changes by the Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Performed discounted cash flow and multiples valuations for Delaware appraisal litigation
  • Assessed valuation methodologies for a conglomerate in an international arbitration
  • Analyzed valuations, restructuring transactions, and solvency in bankruptcy proceedings
Data analytics
  • Designed algorithm to assess and compute damages using consumer banking data
  • Addressed claims of price fixing and collusion by applying statistical models to transaction-level data
  • Analyzed large, proprietary datasets in the context of an FTC investigation of in-app purchases

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