Kyla Wethli

Senior Manager


  • New York


Kyla Wethli consults on a range of economic, financial, and statistical issues, with a focus on securities litigation, executive compensation, and structured finance. Ms. Wethli also has experience with bankruptcy, breach of contract, defamation, and general damages matters. Her expertise spans multiple industries, including consumer goods, financial institutions, high tech, materials and commodities, and pharmaceuticals. Ms. Wethli supports attorneys and experts in all phases of litigation, including discovery, class certification, motion practice, and merits, as well as at trial.

Securities litigation

Ms. Wethli has extensive experience with securities cases and Delaware appraisal actions. She has analyzed price impact, damages, market efficiency, asset valuation, and trading behavior in both foreign and domestic markets. She has also addressed matters involving alleged market manipulation in equity and fixed income markets.

Executive compensation and corporate governance

Ms. Wethli has worked on numerous cases alleging insider trading as evidence of scienter. She has analyzed the incentives created by executive compensation packages. She has also undertaken valuations of but-for compensation in the context of mergers and acquisitions, and of lost income in labor disputes.

Real estate and structured finance

Ms. Wethli has given presentations on the potential impact of COVID-19 on commercial real estate and commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS). She has consulted on collateralized debt obligation (CDO) litigation, including structuring a CDO and analyzing credit risk. She also has substantial experience with residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) matters.

Before joining Cornerstone Research, Ms. Wethli worked at the World Bank and Her Majesty’s Treasury, London.


City of Providence, Rhode Island, et al. v. BATS Global Markets Inc. et al.


Beef Products, Inc. et al. v. American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. et al.