Ronald T. Wilcox

NewMarket Corporation Professor of Business Administration,
Darden School of Business,
University of Virginia

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Ronald Wilcox is an expert in marketing research, marketing analytics, customer relationship management, marketing of financial services, and branding. His litigation experience includes analysis of class certification and damages issues, as well as conducting and rebutting consumer surveys, including conjoint surveys. Professor Wilcox has also provided trial testimony related to branding.

Professor Wilcox formerly served as an economist at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. He was also an assistant professor at the Carnegie Mellon Graduate School of Industrial Administration. Professor Wilcox has consulted to numerous companies, including Sikorsky, Johnson & Johnson, and Visa.

Professor Wilcox’s research has appeared in the Journal of Marketing ResearchManagement ScienceMarketing Science, and other leading marketing and finance journals. His findings have been cited in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and Businessweek.

He is a frequent contributor to Forbes and the author of the book Whatever Happened to Thrift? Why Americans Don’t Save and What to Do about It, published by Yale University Press and listed among the Top Five Business Books of 2008 by Kiplinger. Professor Wilcox also coauthored the book Cutting-Edge Marketing Analytics: Real World Cases and Data Sets for Hands On Learning, on the use of customer data to improve marketing decisions, published by FT Press.


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