EC Investigation into Cloud Technology Company Merger


The European Commission cleared this merger after an investigation.

Counsel for the merging parties retained Cornerstone Research to support Ravi Dhar of Yale University in the European Commission (EC)’s investigation into a proposed merger of technology companies.

Professor Dhar, an expert on designing and evaluating surveys, submitted an expert opinion on the EC’s Phase I survey material. Over a two-week period, Cornerstone Research supported Professor Dhar in analysing 77 responses to three separate questionnaires, ten responses to RFIs, and 15 call notes. Professor Dhar found that 34 of the EC’s statements in its Statement of Objections were undermined by its failure to follow survey best practices.

The EC ultimately cleared the merger.

For more information, contact Vivek Mani, Sarah Abraham, or Kaushik Krishnan.

Case Expert

Ravi Dhar

George Rogers Clark Professor of Management and Marketing,
Director, Center for Customer Insights,
Yale School of Management;
Professor of Psychology, Yale University