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Section 337 Unfair Import Investigation of Medical Devices

Cornerstone Research worked with a healthcare and competition expert in a patent infringement matter before the ITC.


Microsoft Corporation v. Motorola Mobility, Inc. et al.

Counsel for Microsoft retained Cornerstone Research and Vice President Matthew Lynde to estimate the value and range of royalties that would be consistent with Motorola Mobility’s contractual obligations to license…


Cornerstone Research Coauthors Antitrust Amicus Curiae Brief for U.S. Third Circuit

The filing details economic considerations relevant to determining the appropriate scope of the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2013 decision in FTC v. Actavis.


Stragent LLC et al. v. Intel Corp.

After the judge excluded a key part of the analysis of the plaintiffs’ damages expert, a jury in the Eastern District of Texas found for defendant Intel in this patent…


Power Integrations, Inc. v. Fairchild Semiconductor International, Inc. and Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation

Fairchild Semiconductor counsel retained Cornerstone Research and Michael Keeley to analyze damages claims by the plaintiff, Power Integrations, Inc., from alleged patent infringement in mobile charging technology.


Cornerstone Research Coauthors Antitrust Amicus Brief for Supreme Court

Filing Details Economic Evidence Against Using a Presumption of Illegality for Reverse Payment Settlements of Pharmaceutical Patent Infringement Suits


Brandeis University and GFA Brands, Inc. v. Keebler Co. et al.

Counsel for Keebler retained Cornerstone Research and Dr. Michael Keeley, a senior vice president of Cornerstone Research, to analyze the plaintiffs’ damages claim in this patent infringement case.


Monsanto Co. v. E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.

Counsel for Monsanto retained Cornerstone Research and Dr. Michael Keeley, a senior vice president at Cornerstone Research, to analyze damages in a patent infringement case Monsanto brought against DuPont and…


Boston Scientific Corp. et al. v. Cordis Corp.

Counsel for Boston Scientific retained Mary Woodford, a senior advisor at Cornerstone Research, to provide damages analysis and testimony in the May 2011 damages trial.


Niitakaya U.S.A. Inc v. Nishimoto Trading Co., Ltd.

Niitakaya sued Nishimoto alleging unfair business competition and misappropriation of Niitakaya’s recipes, which were alleged to be trade secrets.


Security Title v. First American Title

Counsel for Security Title retained George Strong, a managing director of Cornerstone Research, to estimate economic harm suffered by Security Title as a result of the sudden departure of the…


Theft of Trade Secrets regarding Internet Advertising

After acquisition discussions broke down between an Internet advertising affiliate network and the potential target, a web-advertising software company, the latter filed a complaint alleging that the defendants misappropriated information…

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