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Marcelo Han applies sophisticated financial statement analysis, valuation, and econometrics expertise to complex finance and business matters, focusing on financial institutions, securities, and investment vehicles. He has led engagements in numerous high-profile litigations involving mergers and acquisitions (M&A), financial derivatives, private equity and venture capital, and bankruptcy issues.

Mr. Han supports clients and experts through all phases of litigation. His work spans various venues, including U.S. federal and state courts, the Delaware Court of Chancery, and arbitration associations.

Valuation and M&A

Mr. Han conducts valuation analyses of disputed M&A transactions, securities, private companies, and breach of contract damages. He has also analyzed other M&A issues, such as the propriety of selling processes, transaction financing efforts, and corporate governance and executive compensation. Mr. Han managed the case team supporting an investment banking expert in the Twitter/Musk transaction.

Financial derivatives

In several high-profile matters, Mr. Han has analyzed complex mathematical models, assumptions, and data used to value foreign exchange options, swaps, and forwards. He has also led teams in evaluating mortgage-backed securities, collateralized debt obligations, and convertible preferred shares.

Securities litigation

In numerous securities class actions spanning multiple industries, Mr. Han has analyzed market efficiency issues, price impact, and materialization of risk. He has supported counsel in motions to dismiss, class certification, motions for summary judgment, and loss causation and damages matters.


Mr. Han has analyzed damages or claims of economic harm arising from allegations of breach of contract, business interruption, misappropriation of trade secrets, patent and trademark infringement, unfair competition, and breach of fiduciary duty.

In a significant consumer products matter alleging patent infringement and breach of contract, he designed a comprehensive damages methodology to quantify lost profits.

Mr. Han consults on content for the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) examination, a leading global certification for risk managers. His contributions focus on quantitative finance, interest rate risk, and options pricing.

Mr. Han has obtained four professional designations or certifications: Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Financial Risk Manager, Certified Treasury Professional, and Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst.

Professional Affiliations
    • Chartered Financial Analyst Institute
    • Global Association of Risk Professionals

In Re Twitter Inc. v. Elon Musk et al.

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In Re Twitter Inc. v. Elon Musk et al.