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Pro Bono: Analysis of Financial Barriers to Obtaining a Government-Issued ID

Cornerstone Research is providing pro bono support for Appleseed’s analysis of the costs associated with obtaining a government-issued ID across the United States.


Pro Bono: Criminal Record Expungement Policy

Cornerstone Research developed a model and analysis for state-level costs and benefits of adopting an automated record-clearing policy.


Pro Bono: State of Georgia v. Dennis Arnold Perry

Cornerstone Research provided analysis used in securing a $1.23 million award to a person wrongfully incarcerated for more than twenty years.


Pro Bono: Veterans Advocacy in Lost Wages Litigation

The settlement amount in this matter was within the range of the damages amounts calculated by our expert.


Pro Bono: Analysis of Eviction Data

Cornerstone Research provided pro bono analysis for Appleseed’s report on eviction filings in South Carolina.


Pro Bono: Cornerstone Research Supports Efforts to Protect Voting Rights

Cornerstone Research provided pro bono consulting in a matter to protect the rights of eligible U.S. citizens to vote in the 2020 general election.


Pro Bono: Economic Impact of Driver’s License Suspensions

Cornerstone Research provided pro bono analysis for Appleseed’s report on the effects of license suspensions on communities.


Pro Bono: Review of Claremont McKenna College’s Economics-Accounting Program

Cornerstone Research assisted with a comprehensive review of the economics-accounting program in the Robert Day School of Economics and Finance at Claremont McKenna College.


Pro Bono: New York State Citizens’ Coalition for Children v. Poole

This multiyear, cross office effort is one example of Cornerstone Research’s pro bono program leading to meaningful change for children in need.


Pro Bono: Tinsley et al. v. McKay et al.

Children’s Rights retained Paul Zurek of Cornerstone Research in a pro bono matter involving Arizona’s foster care system.


Pro Bono: LCCRSF Report on the Role of Race in Non-Traffic Citations

Cornerstone Research provided pro bono analytical support for the LCCRSF’s report on racial disparities in non-traffic infractions.


Pro Bono: Booth et al. v. Galveston County et al.

Cornerstone Research assisted the ACLU in retrieving and classifying data on the alleged offense, bail amount set, and case outcome.

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