WWL: Competition Global Leaders and Consulting Experts 2023


Cornerstone Research affiliated experts and staff were named among “the best consultants, expert witnesses and advisers” in the global competition field.

Who’s Who Legal (WWL) named Cornerstone Research affiliated experts and staff in its 2023 lists of global leaders and consulting experts among competition economists. Those recognized “are highlighted for their provision of expert knowledge and testimony in complex antitrust matters, alongside the superb advice they provide to lawyers and clients on intricate matters of competition economics.”

WWL recognizes these individuals for their outstanding support “to lawyers and clients on intricate matters of competition economics.”

The following academic experts and Cornerstone Research consultants are named in WWL’s Global Leader—Competition—Economists and Consulting Experts—Economics—Competition Economists lists for 2023:

Academic Experts

Cornerstone Research Consultants

  • Liam Colley (Senior Vice President) heads the firm’s European competition practice. Mr. Colley is a testifying economics expert specializing in competition, antitrust damages, and economic regulation issues.
  • Rahul Guha (CEO) has led the firm’s work on numerous complex antitrust and competition matters. He consults on regulatory inquiries, motion practice, and all phases of litigation and arbitral proceedings in the United States and international venues.
  • Kostis Hatzitaskos (Senior Vice President) coheads the firm’s antitrust and competition practice. Dr. Hatzitaskos focuses on merger investigations, as well as antitrust litigation matters involving allegations of collusion, vertical restraints, and other allegedly anticompetitive behavior.
  • Vandy M. Howell (Senior Advisor) has extensive expertise in industrial organization and labor economics. Dr. Howell focuses on antitrust, intellectual property, marketing, and class certification matters.
  • Samid Hussain (Senior Vice President) coheads the firm’s consumer fraud and product liability practice. Dr. Hussain analyzes economic, marketing, and statistical (econometrics) issues in competition, consumer fraud, product liability, antitrust, healthcare, breach of contract, and intellectual property matters.
  • Michael C. Keeley (Senior Advisor) has served as an expert in numerous cases dealing with antitrust issues that include price fixing, monopolization, tying, bundling, exclusive dealing, predatory pricing, price discrimination, mergers, and class certification.
  • Gregor Langus (Vice President*) is a leading European competition economist who supports clients and provides expert testimony in antitrust investigations, merger reviews, competition damages matters, and arbitration proceedings.
  • Robert Majure (Vice President) has wide-ranging expertise with merger and joint venture analysis, antitrust proceedings, regulatory actions, and appellate filings. Dr. Majure is the former Director of Economics for the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice.
  • Darwin V. Neher (Senior Vice President) assesses liability and damages issues in antitrust and competition matters involving allegations of price fixing, tying, monopolization, and other exclusionary conduct.
  • Dina Older Aguilar (Vice President) coheads the firm’s healthcare practice. Ms. Older Aguilar specializes in economic analyses of class certification, liability, and damages issues, as well as merger evaluations.
  • Bryan Ricchetti (Senior Vice President) coheads the firm’s antitrust and competition practice. Dr. Ricchetti assesses antitrust impact, market definition, market power, class certification, hiring and compensation decisions, and alleged discrimination.
  • Maria Salgado (Vice President) coheads the firm’s healthcare practice. Dr. Salgado has substantial experience with antitrust issues in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries including analyzing relevant markets, competitive effects, class certification, and damages .
  • Celeste C. Saravia (Vice President) specializes in class certification, liability, and damages issues arising in antitrust and regulatory matters. Dr. Saravia has particular expertise in the economics of distribution and franchising, vertical restraints, and other exclusionary conduct.
  • Andrea Shepard (Senior Advisor) has directed analyses for large, complex antitrust litigation and merger reviews. Dr. Shepard formerly coheaded the firm’s antitrust and competition practice, and is an emeritus professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.
  • Michael D. Topper (Chair of the Board) has consulted on antitrust issues in many high-profile mergers, including for merging parties, enforcement agencies, and third parties. Dr. Topper is the former head of the firm’s antitrust and competition practice.


The individuals featured in these annual lists received the largest number of nominations from peers, corporate counsel, and other market sources, a testament to their expertise and leadership in the competition field.