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  • Bankruptcy and Financial Distress
Ronnie Barnes

Vice President

Joseph J. Basile

Independent Consultant;
Founder and Managing Director,
Pari Passu M&A Mediation LLC

Charles W. Calomiris

Henry Kaufman Professor of Financial Institutions,
Director, Program for Financial Studies and Initiative on Finance and Growth in Emerging Markets,
Columbia Business School;
Professor at the School of International and Public Affairs;
Columbia University

Emilie R. Feldman

Michael L. Tarnopol Professor and Professor of Management,
The Wharton School,
University of Pennsylvania

Stuart C. Gilson

Steven R. Fenster Professor of Business Administration,
Harvard Business School,
Harvard University

Paul A. Gompers

Eugene Holman Professor of Business Administration,
Harvard Business School,
Harvard University

Christine M. Hammer

Certified Public Accountant;
Senior Advisor, Cornerstone Research

Elaine M. Harwood

Senior Vice President

Amy P. Hutton

Professor of Business Administration,
Carroll School of Management,
Boston College

Carlyn Irwin

Senior Advisor

Christopher M. James

William H. Dial/SunBank Eminent Scholar in Finance and Economics,
Warrington College of Business Administration,
University of Florida

Allan W. Kleidon

Senior Advisor

Paul C. Pfleiderer

C. O. G. Miller Distinguished Professor of Finance,
Stanford Graduate School of Business

Rodney Ramcharan

Professor of Finance and Business Economics,
USC Marshall School of Business,
University of Southern California

Andrew D. Richmond

Senior Vice President


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